Thank you all so much !


The deepest thank you from the bottom of my heart


There are an incredible number of supporting friends, who help me along with their various reliefs and sometimes just the right words in time , when you feel everything ist simply getting too much for one single person. It is a long and often tiring way to start all that – and more than once I felt pretty much about my personal limits after having worked 20 hrs a day or even more at stages.


This path also knows setbacks and major problems that need to be solved. A motivating and encouraging word sometimes can help a lot. A call or an email, where a hand is given, just to buy and bring back some time. And the confidence to mobilize reserves that all this can be done in time. The Ride-of-Smiles never should and will be MY project. It is an idea of people helping people. As more hands will have helped by the end the more beautiful it will be to celebrate our success at the end.


All of you, my family, my friends, the partners of the ride of Smiles, my employer ,my colleagues and my staff and all those people who helped, supported or just said or will say something good at the right time to - you know who I mean:


Simply THANK YOU for everything.


For all of you wonderful friends I have written all this about – feel warmly invited for our legendary Ride-of-Smiles Party 2016, as soon as I am back again.

Personal invitations are on their way to YOU !


Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles