My family - my stronghold - support for a lifetime!


One may think a family is just always there , because it has been always there.
 It is exactly what makes that value of my family for me . To know exactly that I can rely on it, without permanetly making use of it. A wonderful support , that cannot be estimated high enough – especially because it works both ways for anyone who makes himself part of his family. As can anyone in my family rely 100 percent on me, I know my family will never let me down, no matter what happens.



Thanks for trusting in me – you will have a big big share when we celebrate by the end of the project, no mater how it turns out. And maybe we can cross paths with my niece Lena , who will work and travel in a social project in Costa Rica by the time too- which makes me as proud as my nephew Paul – who realized  my 10-year-old-childhood dream with me this year, when we mountainbiked from Heidelberg Germany to the Lake Bodensee in 2 1/2 days. Great trip after 30 years of planning :-)


Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles