What´s on at the Ride-of-Smiles ?

Find some of the latest chronologig milestones and what is currently on the itinery

  • the whole story would take you some very long 2 ½ years back ….maybe even longer

September 2016


23-25 th of September – the Ride-of-Smiles- Family celebrates with his closest friends


find your personal invitation soon – this is my thank you to all of you helping me along




May 2015


1st of May 2015 – The Ride-of-Smiles starts at the Statue of Liberty - right were the Ride-of-Change-2008 ended in 2008 ---every new beginning is some other beginnings end :-)



April 2015


Registrating the bike as FÜS- RO 5 – YEAH !


Sorting out tons of bank and other paperwork , flats-, work- , transport and and and issues and details


Saying goodbye to my wonderful family, my real friends and my great staff and colleagues at the hospital, getting time pressurized and a bit nervously excited.


25th of April departing from Frankfurt / Germany to New York City tio meet my friends Joe and Jenny Rosenberg …


taking over the bike in NYC ...



March 2015

  • Booking Frankfurt Main -NEW York for 25 th of April 2015


  • Translating the English homepage ( Thank you Thomas for your support!)


  • Technical teaching about the GSA issues with the BMW technical mastermind Herbert Foster bei BMW Motorrad München


  • 14.3.2015 Fixing the Hattech Exhaustsystem at Hatt Sommer in Ringingen / Germany


  • 12.3. 2015 Handout iand taking over for the first time of the brandnew R1200 GS Adventure at BMW Motorrad München


  • Mid March: Uploading the Ride-of-Smiles APP and waitig for it to pass the reviews in Google play and Apples I-store for the next 1 or 2 weeks



February 2015


App-programming continues / first demoversion expected end of February -

loaded with all Ride-of-Smiles contents


  • Carsten „the Transportman“ & Friends check transports worldwide for the Ride-of-Smiles


  • German homepage online



January 2015


  • Flightresearch New York one way for miif d of April 2015

  • many, many, many, many........phonecalls ( I love that flatline :-) ! )

  • Homepage :

    • Picture of the day goes online

    • Rick putting up the CMS fpor the English homepage

  • The Ride-of-Similes-App gets closer

    • binding in the charity-partners

    • programming the first Ride-of-Smiles Demo-App

  • Projectremeeting at BMW Motorrad Munich

  • Setting up Twitteraccount with homepageintegration


December 2014


  • Relaunch of the homepage

  • Integration of the GPS-Livetracking into the Homepage

  • New and more functional Picture-Galleries

  • Remale of the headerdesign


  • Charity partners

    • Setting up mutual project-homepages and donation accounts on side of our charity partners


November 2014


  • App-Programming by our Partner and friends from Vendopolis

  • Redesigning the homepage with a new graphic layout

  • Meetings and TO DO details with BMW-Motoorad-Staff and Responsibles

  • Milestones on Routeplanning

  • Bikeequipment

  • Technical introduction into the bikes details by BMW Motorrad

  • Vehicle documents !!

  • Support, spares and logistics with it

  • Bike delivery , support and transport issues

  • Linking Media


  • Charity partners

  • Sorting out contract issues about everything involved in using brands and logos and making sure all concerns of the partners are seriously met.

  • Technical solutions about checking donation scores while the Project is on the road


September / October 2014


  • 7000 Km Testdriving 7000 km in 10 days on the new R1200 GSA at the Vuelta Espana 2014 – what a ride !

  • Testing Equipment


Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles