The Ride-of-Smiles is a longterm travelproject. Not just a 3-week vacation tour. No route planning at home on a PC. No tracks to load on your GPS , letting you ride along the planned route. No booked hotel at the end of the day. Please do not misunderstand – there is nothing wrong with planned tours or booked hotels. Worldtraveling projects yet are simply a bit different . Providing some truth and surprises of their own along with travelling, as far as planning is concerned.


Whoever was planning such a project and compares the reality by the end with the planning will look back with a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his ( or her ) eyes.


Then knowing what you could not know and accepting what you could not have planned.


Turmoils and political uprisings, shootings and burning Communist party headquarters in Mongolia could not be planned. As little as floods and the subsequent fuel supply stop from Russia. Volcano eruptions in Patagonia and 25 inch high floods in the pampa of Argentina cause changing the route as much as a flat (Chinese) tire on the road - or Airlines transporting Valentine Flowers in Ecuador- instead of your scheduled bikes. Corrupt customs in Uruguay and Ecuador caused a delay as well as false papers registered freight documents of the forwarding agent from Germany. Service botch in Alaska as unexpected as well as huge potholes in Siberia which send the whole suspension strut into the Nirvana.




Splitting a tree with your helmet with 60 miles/h about near Vladivostok includin a free stay in the neurosurgic department of Vladivostok Central Hospital afterwards may easily cause not just the end of the tour. Just as good as the acute appendicitis in the central Sahara, or catapultlike freeflight stunts in the Fesch Fesch sand of the Algerian desert. Therefore the water in the cylinders of my "Almighty" GS 1150 crossing a Danubiariver floodzone (no need – just big boys playing in water) ) seems almost to be harmless.


If all longdistance travelers told their stories here .... what an exciting and entertaining collection that would be…


At the end it will be like it always has been while traveling - life itself and encontunters along will determine the way the go. Your personal feeling,as well as listening to your inner voice will determine the route for the next day. Trusting in as well as doubting about having made the right decision. Deciding is what you need to do. No matter what-



At the end this willingness to decide makes the difference in realizing our dreams or not. Departing e with a wonderful mindset. And with an even much more wonderful journey in our hearts, our souls and the panniers of the Adventure – once the reward has found its journey ...



On these maps you will see what “Mr. Ratio” had planned – in the GPS-Livetrack you can check what eventually came out of this. Have fun!


====================== Landway - initially planned

====================== Sea-/Air-/ Ferrytransports

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All maps courtesy of Google / - a superb onlineplanning tool




Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles