Why donate ?


Poverty has at least as many names and faces as hunger. As diseases with no cure, pain without drugs, nurses or doctors, such as fear of persecution, expulsion. Physical or sexual abuse and rape.


As little as this this poverty is related to a continent or a nation, as much  I am convinced deep down in my heart that that doing nothing for a change is always the wrong way.

Because poverty is also the old woman who for years ais sleepping under the bridge in Augsburg hiding for fear that some brainless skinheads might bahs on her at night. As much in need was the mother in Guatemala, who feared for her and her childrens lives, when the death squadrons were marofing the area at night. Is it need or is it poverty or just senseless violence, to look in the eyes of a 18 yoer old young lady . Paralyzed from neck to to toe for a ricochet of a gangwar in Southafrica that hit her spinal cord . Irreversible. WHY ?

Poverty is also Carl in San Francisco, who rummages through trash cans and scrap metal after returnable to pay for his mother's surgery some day if she survives long enough. Poverty was and every day is again  the old man, whom I met at night on the BMW Garmisch days in 2011. He searched  trough in the same trash cans for the same bottles. We had a long and intense converstion that night. A night, when our fun and pleasure vehicles were praked for more than 200.000.000€ ( which is a low estimation) were waitung for next days pleasure cruise in the parking lots. Even my GS was standing there. The third vehicle in my private fleet.

And I'm glad, grateful and happy to be healthy on the sunny side of life.

Without moral reproach to me or anyone.

I am also just as convinced of the fact, taht the value of a society expresses itself in how we treat our weakest members.  Not talking about those who deny work and responsibility for their own lives.. But with those who did not have the good fortune to be able to succeed otherwise.



Sharing in a country that injects facial Botox in search for eternal youth for about € 300.000.00 million per year . And adds another  € 400000000 million for downloading ringtones for cells and mobiles.

Who ever experienced real hardship, be it  by drought, flood, civil wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, their cries of dismay or bad enough just everyday illness. Who knows how it feels if you want to help but lack any means to do so. One day that person in you steps forward to start some help. Personally, I would like to live in a society that can share their happiness.

My donation in this project will not stop the world from turning , nor eliminate all suffering. But it will allow some children with their brothers, sisters and families in this world a laugh for a life in dignity, without fear, hunger and pain.

For the laughter of children and their mothers, fathers and siblings.

And all of us who bring this project forward with me together want to inspire YOU.

 That's why I donate my € 7,000 at the beginning of this laughter. We ourselves are the  society in which we want to live. It is no one else but us  to create it.

Thank you on behalf of the people who really need our help. € 10 or 10 $  from the middle of your heart , are infinitely more valuable for peoples sake than ithe figure on the bill may point out.

Thank you on behalf of the people in this world who have no voice and means for a change.

And need our help just therefore even more.

Let us  change this world to a better place . Now. Make a difference. Join us.

BABA Henning Buetzow & family& friends& partners


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