Route planned



Starting off the 1st of may 2015 with a friendly handshake with Miss Liberty in New York , this will make ends meet between the final heading of the last travelling project in 2008 and the Ride-of-Smiles . Every new beginning is some other beginnings end Laughing

Straight up northeast into Nueva Scotia. Expecting no snow turning west into the Great Lakes and the Rocky Mountains to Seattle and Vancouver Island. Accompanied by meeting wonderful travelfriends from earlier projects - and hopefully longtime not seen family members after over 40 years ! Thus completing the upper part of the „5“

The descending part of the "50"goes south first towards the Mexican border, later turning back east towards Florida, Cuba and the Caribbean. Due to the ongoing latest inside news about the security situation no longer only in Northern , but wide parts of Mexico I quitted the original plan for Mexico. The security situation in Mexico has unfortunately got very rough. Gunpointed bikergroups, another biker shot off a rolling motorcyle , and all these and more stories from people living and working inside the country. As I have travelled Mexico before this was mainly a transit plan to go to Cuba. As most logistic connection to Cuba and on to Southamerica work from Miami/ Florida, the new eastern part of the „5“ will now take me into Florida via the Southern states . If I get a chance to get the Bike into Cuba ( varying information up to now if this is possible or not ) Cuba is the next heading before I make my way all down the Brazilian Eastcoast.


First planning the route 3 years ago Venezuela was also on my watchlist about critical states . In the meantime the actual critical security situation has worsened very much . As to Suriname, Guyana and French road conditions and lacking roads as such allow no transport without entering Venezuela, the new plan is straight from Cuba or Miami into Brazil. Even if Venezuela was accessible, the road into Brasil would take me no further than into Manaus with a very meconsuming , complicated, Amazonas shipbound transport situation . Added by trustworthy reporst on safetyissues in the Amazone border region with Venezuela all together good enough as a reason ro be rational and cancel some of the original plan. The main idea of the Ride-of-Smiles is to take place and complete the track – rather than writing new heroic stories of being bulletproof .

Eventually I will proceeed down the Brasilan Eastcoast via Fortalezza , Salvador de Bahia, on to Rio de Janeiro and the Iguazu Falls . Visiting a surgical aidproject of CBM in Paraguay will take me forward to Buenos Aires in Argentina . Final heading in Southamerica will be Antofagasta in Chile to ship the bike into Australia. By then the „5“ of the “50” will be completed on the map.

Starting the „0“ of the “50” in Sidney, the planned route goes clockwise and close to the coastal lines around Australie. Bushfires, floodings technicla issues as well as gasoline supply, the driver himself or kangaroo-impacts may as well alter and adapt the route to weather, climate and road conditions .


Thus having completed the „0“ and time as much as technique and health allowing, the Ride-of-Smiles is out to finalize the project by “writing” a little exclamatin mark on the world map ( and to be honest – thus realizing a dream of my own ) and ride 6000 km all over New Zealand before ist is returning home to Germany .

I have planned returning to Germany early March2016 - by the end there consists a 4 weeks timebuffer for technical, logistical or hopefully not occuring health problems.


Thank you all deep from my heart for your support and help offnad along the road .



Your donations as much as your belive in this chrity project are are my motivation to do all this - and also to defy all the difficulties along the longdistance project. The difficulties will come, but together with you we will find a way .



Since last year, the security situation in both countries has deteriorated massively. In Mexico the drug war of the mafia obviously encroaches massively to the population.


In Venezuela, the oil price war against Russia in the recent month has a very negative impact on the political system based on the socalled petrosocialism. Therefore the security situation for all, not only travellershast turned to the VERY risky side. Latest information’s, collected by local people in the country, travellers and local correspondents promises nothing well in these two countries. I expect to avoid Mexico from the route itinerary and will watch the situation in Venezuela very closely – decisions will be made on he spot and updating informations while on the road.


Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles