HATT - The God of Hellfire - the Ride-of-Smiles-Soundmaster



Hubert „Hatt" Sommer you cannot tell. You have to meet him. As much with his engineering skills . Thus producing the finest „Made-in-Germany“ Sound of thunder , that you want to imagine for your bike. Panniers alike and more is what you find under his company HATTECH.

Yet there is ways more to this man and the biker . Meeting him as a partner in the Ride-of-Change-2008- leaving him as a friend for his warmhearted  and helpul character.


What hardly anyone knows and what never got properly honoured by the world. When the Fukushima desaster was on in Japan after the Tsunami in March 2011- it was him to develop the longsearched solution how to extinguish the fires without killing all those , who had to do the job. Some other company claims to have done that. I have seen proof of his original plans.

            Maybe that is what describes Hatt best : Be more than you pretend to be. .






Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles