The Ride-of-Smiles will keep you up to date. There are  various information channels to tell you what happens next on the road and how  BABA and the Adventure are doing. We will  leave little messages in the Twitter account #ride_of_smiles especially when the infrastructure provides no wifi to update the blog, or photo galleries.

Experience has shown that this will definitely be the case in long stages and remote regions of the world.

You'll find the tweets directly in your Twitter account. If you are not logged into Twitter (yet), you can still read the latest information on the homeepage of the website: 


Twitter has several sources :

Until  1 May, before the tour, info's located right here on the homepage.

  • Along with the project from 1 May 2015 from smartphone or tablet, depending on network coverage or WLAN.


  • Whenever BABA is far from any infrastructure, the tweets come directly via satellite across the small Delorme GPS tracker - for technical reasons then without photos and with only short text messages combined with location coordinates.

All Twitter fans will find the project under:

Please  link the address among your friends and family so we can inspire as many people as possible for the donation idea of the ride-of-Smiles

We are many - and we need many to help.

If you've got no Twitter account, you can read Babas Twitter messages here:

We look forward to seeing you on Twitter! 



Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles