DEAR FRIENDS – please apologize and understand, that for the hight time pressure between preparing this donation project and hospital work, so far the App is only available in German language . We are busy for an English solution and hope to make it available somewhere along the line . Thank you for your understanding and your patience :-)

The Ride-of-Smiles is a lot of new ground. Smart phones and tablets have long been reality in our lives and in our travelling.  Android and Apple devices more and more are our daily companions

The enthusiasm, conviction, and sympathies of our friend Uwe Schlote to donate  the Ride-of-Smiles  its own app  was greatly appreciated. Especially after the team led by Uwe, KT Elig and our incredible patient App Developer Andreas Meier had charged the first demo app  and simply  infected us with it's enthusiasm.
And all the volunteer time and commitment, the crew of the Vendopolis GmbH has now put  in our fund raising campaign to help us out  - that alone is one of the wonderful stories behind this project. People who are committed to people without charging one cent for their efforts.

Since the beginning of spring 2015,  it is true and done: The Ride-of-Smiles app is available for download at Apple Itunes and Google Play Store.

The download from the Apple Store and Google Play works automatically via the QR Code here on the GSA and  at the top left of the homepage - or simply using these links to Apple and Google for Androidphones.

Apple iPhone Itunes:


Android devices GOOGLE PLAY STORE:


If you want to look yourselves for the app via  smart phones and tablets, key in "rideofsmiles" (note capital letters, as the App search function is quite sensitive)

And we do hope that you have fun with our app: Information around  long-distance travel, our fund raising partners, motorcycle info about the R1200 GS Adventure. About people. Countries. Continents. Health and travel planning, the latest information about what's happening on the road. About the fund raising-progress or maybe the BMW Open Air. Or simply a fine little trip around the world meeting with our friend Manfred Hofmann in Saxon Switzerland.  Or  Baba's current position, everything that happens on the go, or, or, or ...... always with a laugh, even if it should be difficult to move:  Thanks to the app you are with us. Live .

Choose  what ever information you're interested in, and be assured not to be bothered by annoying advertising. If you like, you can switch directly from  the the app  to our fund raising partners as well.

Have fun with it! And if you like it, we would appreciate your positive rating and your contribution to the review asterisks - what's good for the app, will in the end be good for  the people who are the only reason why there is  a Ride-of-Smiles at all. At this point a very, very intense thanks for  the great support of this charity project to the app team.

Some highlights of the app:

 Free Download

 No ads!

 A wide range of issues surrounding   motorcycles and long-distance travel

Out on the road: The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is on the way  around the world with BABA. Accessories, tools, technology, tips and experiences live from streets  and dirt roads and tracks all over the world. There is also information on biker festivals and other events on  the road and in your area, if you want so.

     Where is BABA? Live tracking of Ride Of Smiles for your smart phones and tablets             

     Helping the helpers:  Information about the donor partners and their current service projects and events

Countries, people, adventure: From Grizzly Bear to kangaroo, from Cuba to Sidney, and everything else that happens on the way.  Enjoy the latest information on my blog and Twitter,  information you won't find in any other  guide. Frontiers and health information are available,  not to mention  all the people and stories that go with the ride of Smiles - you're welcome to meet them.
All topics and their contents  are easily organised over a standard slider. 

What you do not want to see: just stay away. Simple and unobtrusive as it gets. No personal data collection, as with so many apps. Your data will remain completely anonymous. Only gender, age and zip code are in demand.

There is a QR code for direct download here on the Adventure and on the top left of the entrance side of the homepage. The app itself is and remains completely free. Data flow itself is subject to your terms and conditions with your provider.

Who has personal interest in an app, can feel free to contact me or the Vendopolis team.


Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles