Kastanienhof -Travellers Book Edition

Realizing instead of dreaming dreams – that is our friend´s Manfred Hofmann story, why one day he moved east from Munich . Bought a huge farmhouse with a big barn and started out to found a special travellers book edition.

Well known in the meantime for high quality editing and publishing of those stories, travellers worldwide bring home from those adventures , some people for some reasons can never go for.

Catching our spirit of freedom , our dreams beyond the horizons as well as some of the stories that go totally wrong while we are our travelling ( who had none ? ) and putting all that in fascinating books was his personal dream.

Being a longdistance traveller all over himself, Manfred was confronted with the same misery and poverty mainly in Africa like we were touring round the world.

That is how and why he offered , to publish all the Ride-of-Smiles-story finally as a bookstory , selling it without profits to the benefits of donations for the charity project. Thank you for your generousity , dear Manfred.

You can find a large variety of all interesting and fascinating books for sale , supplemented by second hand book shop specialized in old books with lots of rarities.

Adding to all that  there is a worldtravellers meeting annually on his farmgrounds- one of the best to meet real tavelling men and women. Next to come here : http://ihr-buchshop.de/verlag-kastanienhof/wb/pages/6.-motorrad-globetrotter-treffen-2015.php

Here you find more details on the book publishing  at Reisebuchverlag Kastanienhof  


Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles