ANNETTE & JULIO - Germanies greatest talents in Southamerica !Vamonos!


Do you believe things to happen bei Karma or by accident ?

What else than carma can be the reason , that 2 wonderful people from Germany leave their homes for a 5 year-plan into Argentina in Buenos Aires.

To work for ARD Hörfunkstudio Südamerika – which is like the German BBC radio the most important German radio broadcast station . Julio Segador as the main radiojournalist for Southamerica . Reporting only by his voice, thus describing the world in a unique way , that can make a blind person see , what he is reporting . Is there more, words could do ?

All this gets accompanied by an Angel that was send to Argentina – Annette Schneider . Ways more than only  professionally assisting  Julios work. But making the world a better place right there , where she is. When you meet her, watch for the white wings on her back...




Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles