Who and where do you donate to ?


On the following pages  the donations organizations present themselves with their own words and information. From each of these pages there is the direct way to donate through the specified donation link an amount of your choice on the internet donation platform or quite regularly as a transfer.

Every single donation helps - no matter how small in euros or dollars - in the heart of  those who nned our help it will feel huge. (dont worry if you are directed to a German site -Donation forms are the same worldwide- only for foreign donations no tax certificate can be issued)

A KIND BUT IMPORTANT request to all donors:

  • Please consequently follow the donationlink to the NGO homepage without leaving , as otherwise no allocation can be linked with the project site (you then still donate, but we cannot add it to the total sum of donations ,as we cannot see it anymore)


  • Donating for CBM and Sternstunden please always specify the keyword "Ride-of-Smiles" as subject of your donation, as otherwise we can not make any allocation of donations to the Project . And wouldn´t it be great to share our common look on the success for our project by the end of it in 2016 ?

All donations to reach me personally in any other form or on the go, I will report in the blog and spread them in equal shares to all organizations once I  get back.

The Ride-of-Smiles Say Thank You on behalf of the children and the people of this world!

                                              Buy a Mile -  buy a Smile!

Every euro, every dollar , every single cent counts and gives the laughter back there,

 where people and biker ensure that the world is a better place.

Thank you all

your BABA:-)  




The fundrasingpartners for the  Ride-of-Smiles are :










Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles