Inspiring, supporting, masterminds !

Uwe in seiner Robinson R22 beim HelifliegenFirst time I saw Uwe was after 350 km ride with snow on his GS to join the first Ride-of-Smiles Party in 2013 – he was a winner ever since. Hearing about the Ride-of-Smiles ist was his first idea how to support the project – by donating us a professional support including developing and maintaining the Ride-of-Smiles-App as long as the project is on- all to help raise more charity funds.

By far not his only charity support – and even more he is an engaged pilot – flying his personal helicopter whenever he is not on the road with my nephew Lukas on his Adventure GS.

But the Appp came along with a just as crazy and enthsiastic support team, Vendopolis Co-Owner Karl-Theodor Elig and Mr. Patience himselfAndreas Meier alltogether worked their minds up, to get the App going in time.

To be honest- without them it would never hab´ve been there – and I definitely had no idea how much work that would be by the end. So at departure the App is in a German version only – we will get it into English along the trip going so you can share the Ride-of-Smiles on your smartphones and tablets as well. Hey you Appmen – great job !

Have a look at the app – it is a pretty universal and innovative tool – we use it in our hospital since February 2015 with huge success and had it competing in a global softwarecompetition recently at Conhit fairy – one of the worlds largest IT-Events. Not yet as a winner – but with highly positive reputation and feedback. And it has only started one month ago.


Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles