BMW Motorrad

Once the team of BMW motorcycle had heard of the Ride-of-Smiles, I was invited for a joint meeting in Munich. Right from the beginning  and at all stages of our dialogue centered on one question from their side:

What can we as  BMW Motorrad do that this  great idea will become successful?

We kept meeting again and again for more than one year considered and changed together. We tested the new R1200 GS (liquid-cooled), the equipment and accessories on a 5,500 miles test drive , etc., etc., etc. ... and at the end of each meeting BMW motorcycle always pointed out :

"We believe in you, the power of your idea, your vision and your project. Do your own thing. Be yourself. Be credible. Be authentic. Plan the route yourself. We are not out for advertising or marketing issues-  but we will be there if you need our support  where it helps projectand the people, "

The people from BMW Motorrad are a strong partner of the Ride-of-Smiles. Other companies are building Motorcycles too – but the people do make the mark as the mark is.

Thank you for your trust and your helping hands ! 

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Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles