At this point we would like to introduce the charity partners that  the he Ride-of-Smiles would like to support  - just a few words to explain about.


 If you start the search for NGO fundraising partners, tyou find a large amount of people helping others all over the world. Each of them a hero of his or her own . You really feel like hugging all these wonderful people, that try in incredibly beautiful number to help the world. That this is not possible, is easily understood.

As a longtime physician, I know well enough that every aid project needs a necessary  infrastructure  which holds the right resources at the right time at the right place. As romantic as it may be to travel with check or money bags around the world and to hand these over with high media performance. Professional help is a very basic work. That needs logistics, moneyraising and administration as well as enthusiasm, empathy and professional collecting of donations to fund this work. Only this way help can develop the longterm targets to sustainably  help people.

That is why we decided to cooperate  with professional organizations. Their work has not only been proffessional and recognized for decades all over the world in 5 continents. Only they  are also able to confirm the donations with salable tax certificates. And that way to credit a portion of the donations to the donors as tax return.

The correct billing of these organizations is annually presented and examined in detailed annual reports. I personally know some of their wonderful work from personal encounters and experiences .

A dediacation that cannot be valued high enough , especially these recent years where the world seems to tumble between longgone political war conflicts and  nature striking back all over the planet with severe consequences for everyone, how much more for the poorest of all.


When selecting the fundraising partners mutual reliability was as important to us in all their talks like to pursue a common goal.

Help should not only be elsewhere in the world, but also locally here in Bavaria, Germany and arrive  simply everywhere where it is needed.
Regardless of race, religion, race or political persuasion. Christian donors should be addressed as well as people who prefer to donate to non-church organizations. And each donor should be able to decide whether he supports all organizations or only a specific target.

Common to all donations partners was an incredible, open enthusiasm and support they have placed in the project of a completely unknown motorcyclist. This trust I personally feel as  great honor. I´ll be glad even more to mmet this confidence and ill this project with a lot of helping life to others. 



The fundrasingpartners for the  Ride-of-Smiles are :





On the following pages  the donations organizations present themselves with their own words and information. From each of these pages there is the direct way to donate through the specified donation link an amount of your choice on the internet donation platform or quite regularly as a transfer.

Every single donation helps - no matter how small in euros or dollars - in the heart of  those who nned our help it will feel huge. (dont worry if you are directed to a German site -Donation forms are the same worldwide- only for foreign donations no tax certificate can be issued)

                                       Your donation will help the world !

A KIND BUT IMPORTANT request to all donors:

  • Please consequently follow the donationlink to the NGO homepage without leaving , as otherwise no allocation can be linked with the project site (you then still donate, but we cannot add it to the total sum of donations ,as we cannot see it anymore)


  • Donating for CBM and Sternstunden please always specify the keyword "Ride-of-Smiles" as subject of your donation, as otherwise we can not make any allocation of donations to the Project . And wouldn´t it be great to share our common look on the success for our project by the end of it in 2016 ?

All donations to reach me personally in any other form or on the go, I will report in the blog and spread them in equal shares to all organizations once I  get back.

The Ride-of-Smiles says Thank You on behalf of the children and the people of this world who are desperate for our support.

                                        ! Buy a MILE -  buy a Smile!

Every euro or dollar or whatever counts and brings  the laughter back where people and biker ensure that the world becomes a better place.


If you want to go directly to the donation pages, you just follow straight here: 



To go straight towards the donation please follow and stay on this link

Please regard to ACTIVATE JAVA SCRIPT in order to properly display the donation site and enable donation functions.





Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles