Some thoughts of route planning for Ride-of-Smiles first ...


Sometimes you need to have some of theses nonsense inspirations - rationally making no sense at all.


Our rational mind keeps asking for rational explains. Driving 50,000 miles in the form of a "50" on the world map does not really make sense. Adding the idea of collecting 50,000 € adds even more questions for the ratio – making things even more complicate. Moreover to do this with the very most impracticable mean of transport – the motorcycle. At last at this point the ratio is disconnected and clears in favor of bikers heart and guts.



Our irrational, emotional feelings and our heart enjoy their safe harbour life in nice and neat conditions. Neither soaked with rain and mud. Nor freezing cold or boiling hot. No mental distress with Carnets, visas, transportation and air logistics or bordervaccinations Even less being affected by more or less corrupt border officials across the world, using their power given by uniform only.



The bikeride should be curvy with a good grip and lined with stunning natural beauty and epochal cultural monuments of world cultural heritage. The irrational continues dreaming of exotic rhythms of salsa and hot Merengue movements which are surrounded by exotic culinary delights and drinks at the sandy palm beaches on bright Caribbean sky. Free of meandering, stabbing creep and mosquitos and Montezuma's Revenge, accompanied by smiling people with willing to help until self-abandonment. Cliché box closed :-)



All this will become a beautiful part of this travel project. Everything else too. This is teaching the experience of all biker’s miles so far on this world. It´s exciting arises of not fitting into the stereotypes. Shaping the route into "50" on the worldmap is an exciting topic itself.


Back comes the ration again. Infinitely many routes are possible. If it was for riding a bike around the planet only - no problem. Yet the fundraising campaign needs a reasonable and stable planning for all partner as well as for the donators itself. To find politically as well as safetywise stable regions outside of Europe for the project duration ( and hopefully not only for this period) reduces the routeplanning these days ways more , than it would have 10 years ago. Drawing an arc thereby across cultures, societies, languages, ideologies, religions and the continents themselves without staying on the selfbeaten track. That makes planning quita task . Never leaving the travellers idea since the old days : Dare something new!


The Arab Africa is as labile like the Middle East, the Ukraine without any need in the state of civil War with Russia, Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s showdown in withdrawal of Western armies, Iraq in the middle of resurgent and never ending war with itself. Africa caught in itself on one side of Ebola and in many parts of fanatical, pseudo-religious and marauding "holy warriors" .

Mexico in his ongoing drug war, Venezuela on his way to sink in the power of their own corruption. The explosive situation in the country exacerbated by the free-dropping oil prices due to Ukraine conflict. Brazil with heavy excesses for the Fed Cup one year before the World Cup with 35,000 tpeople shot dead due to mere violence each year. The government's attempt to stop the cycle of violence in a country by banning toy guns for kids shows all the helplessness of a country where a contract killer can be hired for 10 €.


Enough topics for Mr. Ratio to step in and ask :”WHY ? “.

Simply answered by a brave man´s heart and the smile of a little boy from Guatemala .

“ Because a man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do…


Please do not presume I am free of fear. Just my believe into the good in people is greater than anything else. Travel has just confirmed this believe so many times again and again.


So back to the world, the large scale world maps and the white spots in our “biker map”.

And see how many sites of personal curiousity are waiting there for us ....







Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles