You can try to describe Hubert "Hatt" Sommer. To understand the phenomenon of "Hatt" behind HATTECH®  you maybe should take the time to ride some curves to the foot of the Swabian Alb near Ringingen on a sunny spring day.

Hatt's philosophy is perhaps closest to describe as a classic German engineering and craftsmanship. Solid, handmade, highly innovative and a reliable technology.

A huge heart and a horizon that does not end at his personal  profit. Facing as individually to his customers as well as to the people around him. That's why he creates technological solutions that others do not even see.

Something the world does not know and others take claim for themselves, makes it perhaps  more transparent. After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima  in 2011 Hatt Sommer spent days for the calculations of how to cool down  the reactor cores to prevent thme from all melting and increasing the disaster even more. The world  knows  little to nothing about all that.  The evidence that Hatt’s plans have finally solved Fukushima problems tells more about his unique character than another of many test victories of his products.

Besides is he also a very skilled rider - With no hillcliimb to rocky or too steep and no ditch itoo deep for his 1200 GS. Best to describe as "positively mad".

"Impossible" does not exist for him. Not for driving a motorcycle nor for the individual needs of his customers for for customizing their bikes or as good- 2 or 4 wheel oldtimers.

According to all that  it was never a question for  Hatt to support the Ride-of-Smiles  with his knowledge, the sound of his excellent exhausts, and some technical details. And who  has not yet experienced the unique bassy  sound of his twin underseat pipe system for the R 1200 GS - go for it  - this is the s"ound of silence"  ;-)

   Find out more on Hatt´s philosophy of superb German engineering here ( English site to come)




Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles