Vendopolis GmbH - the APP-Company


One may ask however , why and how a consumer app producing company becomes partner for the Ride-of-Smiles-Project. And I do agree this is not obvious at first sight.

It  all started in 2013, when I invited family and friends to join me for the first Ride-of-Smiles-Party on the alpine Ostlerhütte in Pfronten to tell my folks what the plan for 2015 was. One of my guests was Uwe Schlote. He had ridden 350 kms in pretty freezing and snowy bad weather to accompany me nephew Lukas on his first bike to join into the party.

When he heard the news he spontaneously caught fire on the projects idea and  offered his support by programming the free Ride-of-Smiles-App. To help raising funds for our charity partners as well as to inform you as followers and friends at no cost about all what happened around the ride of smiles.

Anonymous usage, free download and fully and easily controlled by the user . We are using the App in our hospital too in the meantime – with huge success and everybody being pretty fond of it.

All this togehther with his partners Karl-Theodor Elig and our "App-Consultant" Andreas Meier as Mr. Patience – ways more than anyyone could expect .

And with much more potential for any other use for everyone who is out toput up communication platforms via tablets and smartphones. The App for the start was first completed in German language , but is  functional for anyone. Along the line we will get an English version going and inform you as soon as its available.

For anyone interested in more information on bidirectional consumer apps feel free to contact the Vendopolis-Teamstaff  speaking fluently English. 




Ride Of Smiles - 50.000 miles