Update September 30th 2016

The Ride-of-Smiles made it back to the safe haven in Germany after 56.000 GS-Kilometers - and now comes back from celebrating with 60 supporting friends and family from the Ride-of-Smiles-Party at 1550 m altitud in the Bavarian Alps.

Friends joining us from Ucraine to Switzerland. From Berlin to Hamburg , from east to west and north to south in Germany. What a venue, what a crowd, what a band .

And best of all we even bring back more donations from the mountains - including 915 € from our friend Joergs incredible MZ-Adventure all over the roads of Germany and 1500 € all together.



There ain´t no THANK YOU big enough for everybody who suppported and helped along all the tough riding times out on the road.

It was your support and your smiles who kept the charityproject going when times got rough.

And it was my pleasure  now to bring that smile all back to you - and to celebrate what we have achieved all together - as much as sharing  some of  all the intense and quite often extreme experiences between snow, bushfires, deserts and hurricanes from Canada to the Australian outback - at least with those of you I could invite  to the Ride-of-Smiles-Party from the 23- 25 th of September.

Eeverybody who helped along - even if you could not be with us for long distance travelling or simply time reasons. You were with us for all you did to help others !!

It was an incredibly intense experience to have shared all this with you and the world - far away from only being easy - but intense and magic at all times Laughing

Thank you all to those who know they deserve it  from the bottom of my heart



Laughing Be the change, you want to see in this world Laughing

Mahatma Gandhi


For technical limitation in Google Maps we cannot display and load the whole GPS-Tarck here, but have to limit it to the last week.
To see all progress please refer to this website and allow some loading time please

Expect the unexpected - Update from 2015-09-07 - denn erstens kommt es anders...


 Due to major errors by the importing companies issueing the freightpapers on import of the bike, we are not allowed to export the GSA to anywhere out of the US by sea– or airfreight on my personal behalf. 3 intense weeks of contacting freight agents worldwide from Germany to Holland, England, Italy , all over the US , Brasil, Argenina and Chile resulted in no other answer than that. Neither these nor countless calls , emails or power of attorney for exporting the bike could get that fact undone. Due to that definite and beginner´s mistake of the responsible importing companies, this cannot be corrected otherwise than shipping the Adventure back home to Germany, after riding some „5“ back to the American Westcoast now. Once the GSA is back, the Ride-of-Smiles will head on to Australia and go ahead as planned. Just earlier and on a second hand bike to be purchased and resold in Australia / New Zealand. All delays received from import hassles in the meantime add up to incredible 8 weeks – leaving me as much disappointed as angry about the matter. Even my flight to Brasil was already booked ! Sorry about that change, guys ! Find an update on that soon here in the blog. Including recommendations on who to ship with.

 As usual nobody takes the blame on it, though absolutely everybody was informed on the need to export the bike. So I will do and take it – and take decisions too.

So from now it is a rather sad „Hasta luego, America latina ! que pases bien!“ and a slowly, joyful „C U Soon down under“ .


Der Ride-of-Smiles darf wegen fehlerhafter Importdokumente und der amerikanischen Zollbestimmungen das Motorrad nicht nach Südamerika exportieren. Weder 3 Wochen intensive Versuche über Zoll- und Exportvollmachten und Anfragen bei über 20 Frachtagenten in Deutschland, Holland, England, Italien, USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Brasilien, und Argentinien - noch ungezählte Anrufe und Emails und gute Worte können diesen Anfängerfehler der importierenden Frachtgesellschaften in den Einfuhrdokumenten noch korrigieren. Jetzt geht es zurueck an die amerikanische Westkueste. Von dort geht die bisher sehr treue Adventure leider alternativlos zurueck nach Deutschland - und der Ride-of-Smiles fliegt weiter nach Australien, wo es mit gebrauchter Maschine vor Ort weitergehen wird. Die Fehler der Importspeditionen sind mehr als nur ärgerlich und haben über 8 Wochen Zeit gekostet. Ich bin mindestens so entäuscht wie verärgert, über ein solches Verhalten.Selbst der Flug nach Brasilien war schon gebucht ! Update dazu bald hier im Blog. Mit Empfehlungen, mit wem man Verschiffung organisieren sollte.




Da wie immer in solchen Fällen keiner schuld ist oder Verantwortung übernehmen möchte, mache wenigstens ich das – und treffe gleichzeitig die notwendigen Entscheidungen dazu.


Ab jetzt heisst es mit einem sehr weinenden Auge : „Hasta luego, America latina ! Que pases bien!“ und mit neuer Vorfreude: „C U soon, down under !

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